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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club at Oak Field:

Breakfast has long been recognised as the most important meal of the day!


Research shows that children who have the opportunity to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast prior to the start of the school day are more likely to achieve their full potential.


Breakfast Club at Oak Field Primary not only provides a nutritious start to the day but also a social environment for children to play games, be physically active and socialise with their peers. This is important in ensuring our children are mentally relaxed and ready to embrace a day full of new learning opportunities at Oak Field Primary.


Breakfast clubs times are from  8:00am - 8:10am

No children will be admitted after 8:10am.

The Welsh Government Primary School Free Breakfast Initiative gives children in primary schools in Wales the opportunity to have a free, healthy breakfast in school each day. For further information about our Breakfast Club please contact the office.

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