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Our Governors

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School governing bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the senior leadership team at Oak Field, who are responsible for day-to-day management, they set the school’s aims and policies. 

Oak Field has 18 full Governing Body members drawn from the staff, parents and local community.  

Our governing body consists of: 

  • Parent governors 

  • LEA governors 

  • Teacher governors 

  • Staff governor 

  • Community governors 

  • Minor Authority Representative governor  

  • Headteacher 

The full governing body meets once a half term. In addition, governors belong to sub-committees who also meet at least once a term. 

Governors have three main roles: 

  • To provide strategic direction for the school 

  • To act as a critical friend to the senior leadership team 

  • To ensure accountability 

They also carry out a number of other important duties, which include: 

  • Determining how the school’s budget is spent 

  • The appointing and dismissing of senior staff 

  • Hearing appeals and grievances 

  • Forming policy on the school’s curriculum 

  • Supporting our community to maintain healthy relationships 

  • Making sure school building is welcoming and safe 

  • Setting and monitoring the school’s aims and policies 

Click below to download the Governor's Annual Report

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